Courtney “Kibs” Knittel is Westfall Law’s enthusiastic and passionate real-estate paralegal. With her outgoing personality and exceptional problem-solving skills, Courtney ensures smooth and efficient internal operations, while also providing excellent service and communication to our real-estate clients. She joined the firm in June 2016 when Attorney Westfall was a sole practitioner in a small office in Syracuse, and is the firm’s longest serving employee.


Courtney earned a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Columbia College and served as a property manager for a large apartment complex in Syracuse prior to joining Westfall Law. Throughout her career, Courtney has developed extensive experience in all matters related to real estate. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in real-estate transactions and provides invaluable support to the attorneys at Westfall Law in this area. Her attention to detail and thoroughness ensure that all necessary documents and paperwork are properly prepared and processed, that closings are handled smoothly, and that all of our clients’ concerns are addressed. Her organizational skills, ability to multitask, and proactive nature are instrumental in providing high-quality client service.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Courtney is deeply involved in her community and dedicated to her family. She enjoys spending quality time with her (soon to be) husband, Michael, and their three boys, Cameron, Mason, and Clayton. Their household is also filled with the joyful presence of three dogs: Reese, Bandit, and Molly.

Courtney serves as the social media manager for CNY Pop Warner, and is the President of the Board of Cicero Falcons Pop Warner. Courtney also serves as an aid for individuals with disabilities in the community. When she’s not taxing her three boys from one place to another, she enjoys spinning and baking and relishes the sparing moments of relaxation in her pool.

Courtney Knittel’s enthusiasm, passion, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the Westfall Law team. Her exceptional client service, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to excellence contribute to the firm’s success and the satisfaction of its clients.

  • MWBE NYS Minority Women Business Enterprise

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